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Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai is located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Pudong, two minutes' walk to Jinke Road subway station, adjacent to Huizhi International Commercial Plaza and Changtai Commercial Plaza, integrating catering, leisure, entertainment and shopping. It is about five minutes' drive from Shanghai Maglev station and Shanghai New International Expo Center, and about 20 minutes' drive from Shanghai World Expo Park and Shanghai Disneyland.
The hotel provides free wireless internet access. Yidaixuan western restaurant on the first floor of the hotel has a panoramic landing glass window, where you can enjoy delicious food and leisure time. Nearly 1000 square meters of banquet hall can be divided into multi-functional banquet hall, is an ideal place for business banquets, meetings, weddings or any activities.
In addition, the hotel fitness center has high-end fitness equipment, the window is full of green sky garden, and equipped with sauna room, a wash journey fatigue, stretch and relax in the fresh air.
With regard to the Evergreen International hotel chain, the Evergreen Group, which has a global footprint, plans world-class international hotels with 40 years of international transportation experience and foresight of international business expansion in order to cooperate with the development of aviation industry. Evergreen International hotel chain is located all over the world. With the quality service of 'comfort, warmth, safety and hygiene', it leads the hotels at home and abroad, such as Jiaoxi, Keelung, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi, Shanghai, Bangkok, Penang and Paris in France, to provide the most diversified foreign situations with the global air routes.
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FAQs when booking at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai
  • How far is the hotel from Pudong International Airport Shanghai?

    Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai is 19.6km from the airport.

  • Does Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai offer airport shuttle service?

    The hotel does not provide free airport pick-up service at an additional cost. Please contact us after booking.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai.

  • Does Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai have a pool or gym?

    Hello, the hotel does not currently have a swimming pool, there is a gym on the third floor, welcome to experience.

  • Does Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is breakfast for Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai? When is the supply time?

    Hotel breakfast ¥ 138 / person, breakfast time is 6: 30-10: 00.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Shanghai?

    The room prices is from cny1488, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Is the hotel far from Disney? Is there a shuttle service?

    The hotel is about 15 kilometers from Shanghai Disney Resort, and the estimated driving time is about 20 minutes. The hotel provides a free Disney shuttle every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and national holidays. The departure time is at 08:00 and the return time is at 20:00, which is only available to hotel guests. Seats are limited, so make an appointment at the hotel reception in advance.

Reviews more
  • njtulv
    The new hotel opened in January, with very new facilities, few people and convenient transportation. It's just a stop from Jinke road of line 2, surrounded by Changtai square, where there are many places to eat.
  • ftt138
    Overall, I felt it was pretty good. Overall, I felt it was pretty good
  • ast002
    In Zhangjiang, the hotel is quite good, it is the second time to arrange a friend to stay.
  • fop523
    The hotel facilities are average, but there is still a gap with the four-star standard.
  • lixuefeifei
    Not bad hotel, service industry is OK. Praise
  • feiyang
    The new hotel smells too strong!
  • gcgj1999
    not so bad
  • bobo70
    It's so convenient. A decent hotel has finally opened here in Zhangjiang
  • dongdong0466
    There are not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food, not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food, not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food, not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food, not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food, not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food, not many hardware facilities, too many breakfast cold food,
  • baijie_3213
    It's next to the shopping center. It's convenient to eat
  • greeice
    Located next to Changtai square, it's very convenient and easy to stroll ~ I like desk service. In addition, the hotel is very new and clean, so it's very comfortable
  • geoff_xu
    The room decoration is more traditional and elegant. Very good service.
  • tianbianr
    The service and hygiene of the hotel are very good. There is a swimming pool and gym. The breakfast content is also quite good. The room facilities are OK, the heating is sufficient, and the cost performance is very high! Next business trip will be here!
  • Fairyjn
    The hotel may be open soon. The facilities are not very perfect. The lights in the room can't be turned off. The engineer took off the lights when he came. The hotel doesn't have simple food such as instant noodles.
  • caribbean
    it 's not bad
  • im2103
    It's said that it's OK to make a reservation for a friend on a business trip.
  • asingran
    The transportation of the hotel is very convenient, just above Jinke Road Station of line 2.
  • audia6s
    Location is the core competitiveness of this hotel. It's really great. It's close to Jinke Road Station of Metro Line 2, opposite Changtai square and next to Huizhi world. You can take your baby out to play, eat and rest. It has just opened. The facilities are very new. Although the room is small, the service is very good. The drinks in the fridge are free. It would be better if there were a swimming pool. Will come to live in the future.
  • icecreal
    not bad
  • benbenma
    Very bad
  • ariel Tang Tang
    Very good
  • oyjw001
    Because the hotel is a newly opened room, the smell is very strong. I checked out at 12 o'clock. Because it's an afternoon flight, I asked the front desk if I could delay the check-out. The supervisor generously agreed. The traffic is convenient and the room is clean.
  • Seven..
    EVA always gives people the feeling of being superior, but I feel that this hotel is in line with the rules, the service is average, the breakfast is very average, and there is no advantage of desktop service at all. The layout of the room is very simple, even simple. Except for the abrupt toilet, there are no other characteristics, and the taste is really great. The service staff are not very familiar with the process. They have to wait for check-in and leave. But the service attitude was pretty good. Anyway, compared with several branches of EVA in Taiwan, it can only be said that it is too bad.
  • bojin2010
    The new hotel has complete supporting facilities around, which is more convenient!
  • deminggao
    It's very close to Jinke road of Metro Line 2. It's convenient to go to Pudong Software Park
  • d01336676
    1、 The location is convenient, and there is a subway station nearby. 2、 The hotel is new and well equipped. 3、 Unfortunately, the room is small, breakfast only provides single breakfast, breakfast is ordinary.
  • xiner_baby
    This hotel is very good. In the most prosperous area of Zhangjiang, there are two shopping malls. The subway is the only way out. It's very hygienic and relatively new. I'll choose it next time I go to Shanghai.
  • wuyu25282
    Average cost performance
  • wlsbanye
    It's a new hotel near the subway station. It's easy to get in and out, very close to the destination and good facilities.
  • lorena_wu
    just so so
  • appletwo22
    It's very new. It's like Taiwanese. Breakfast is good.
  • dsfw34
    Good environment, comfortable
  • foxsent
    Nice hotel, very satisfied with a stay. The disadvantage is that there are too few breakfast varieties. Worthy of recommendation
  • gary999
    Everything was good except that the price was too expensive. The transportation is very convenient and there are many restaurants around. There are also various coffee shops, which are very convenient for entertaining friends. But breakfast is average.
  • EVA00
    It's just decorated. It's smelly.
  • e04551551
    The newly opened hotel looks deserted. If breakfast is not free, it's really not worth paying 100. The front desk was speechless. The wireless password was set incorrectly and said it would be good to connect. It's really very different from Taiwan!
  • Brianna
    Nice hotel. Breakfast is very rich.
  • xinxiandemi
    I ordered it for my colleagues because it's the venue for the conference. The actual location is far away from the city center. Fortunately, there are subway stations and large shopping malls nearby. The hotel is of a higher level, and my colleagues are quite satisfied
  • blissss
    It is close to the MTR port and has convenient transportation. All kinds of food problems can be solved around.
  • E00860429
    The location of the hotel is superior, very convenient transportation for the hotel to increase a lot of benefits. The only uncomfortable thing is that the room is only for breakfast, which is not very humanized.
  • barislee99
    I ordered it for my colleagues
  • cao9369
    Because the office was close to the company, it was just across the road from Changtai square, so I booked it. Later, I found that it didn't match the price of 1288. The room type was very general, and the feeling of staying in was also very general. There was still a gap compared with other hotels of the same level.
  • asddsa
    It's OK. The location is pretty good. It's near the subway entrance. That's the facilities. On the whole, it's OK
  • LIXUE761224
    New hotel
  • LONG6088
    Generally speaking, the hotel is not bad, and its geographical location is also convenient. Next to it is the subway. It's convenient to travel, and you can get there early without any delay. My colleagues are very satisfied.
  • dongdongfun
    Business trip to Shanghai to stay in this hotel, very close to the subway station, the room is very clean and tidy, there is a shopping mall opposite the hotel, shopping for business trip to buy some letter is a good choice. The overall feeling of the hotel is quite advanced, the price is slightly higher, so the cost performance is not particularly good, but it can be introduced, it is worth recommending, and it may stay next time.
  • Eagleyao
    The next business trip will consider staying
  • e00189954
    The accommodation environment is good, the room is clean, the price is acceptable after the discount, and the breakfast is very rich.
  • baram
    The service of the hotel is very good, but the materials used in the hotel decoration are absolutely not environmentally friendly! Check in at 11 p.m. and it's no use opening all the windows for ventilation. I can't stand it. Get up at 5:30 in the morning and check out! Stay in another five-star hotel at a high price. I strongly hope that more friends can see my comment, because staying in this hotel is equivalent to suicide!!!
    The restaurant of the hotel is subcontracted. It is very difficult to provide invoices every time.
  • a550112
    The price is on the high side, the location is better
  • e02362358
    I ordered it for my colleagues. It's very good overall. It just reflects that the new hotel still tastes great
  • e03295709
    Hotel is not directly proportional to the price, said to help me upgrade free of charge, the last is the same, disappointed
  • Viagen
    It costs too much for the standard room to the king room
  • clonerabbit
    Out is the subway entrance, there are shopping malls, there are Starbucks, good service, can speak English, service is also very considerate! Good!
  • glove
    It's OK. It's a good location. Everything else is OK
  • ffalex
    Good hotel, but the surrounding business is still immature. I believe it will get better in a while.
  • gucenggao
    The location is good. The subway station is below, and the food Square is next to and opposite. It is suitable for business stay. There are 6 cafes for business meeting
  • free200133
    The key is good position!
  • l90909
    The newly opened hotel is convenient, the environment is good, and the geographical advantage is very prominent. It's very close to the subway entrance. It's very convenient to eat and go shopping. It's reserved for colleagues. Everyone says it's very good. It's close to the company and convenient~
  • A Knight A Northland
  • angela064
    The purpose of not all five forms is to maintain objectivity and impartiality
  • Carol2006
    At the hotel
  • m00723975
    Generally, the cost performance is not high, and permanent residence is not recommended
  • cocomail
    The location is next to exit a of Jinke Road subway. The traffic is very convenient. The opposite is Changtai square. It's very convenient to eat. The personal quality of the hotel service staff is also very high, the service is up to standard, and there is no problem in foreign language communication. The environment and facilities were also very good. The overall impression was very good. If you don't calculate the price, none of the hotels within a radius of 2 kilometers can match his. Disadvantages? It's a bit stingy to give only one breakfast coupon per room.
  • angelcs
    Very good check-in experience, convenient transportation, next to Metro Line 2, the Hong Kong style tea at noon is very good, I will choose this hotel next time.
  • amfay
  • redbamboo613
    How about the reservation for the customer
  • tomaslv
    It's a very nice hotel, but it's just renovated. It tastes great. Keep the windows open all the time
  • lovefeifei
  • forensic9
    The service is up to standard and the location is very convenient. This is the hotel closest to the subway. Next time I have the opportunity to travel nearby, I will choose to stay in Evergreen Hotel. I sincerely recommend this hotel!
    Good overall. There is a small lake nearby
  • DanLeung
    Good overall, good location, good environment. It's just that the breakfast is too bad, the dishes are gone, the porridge is gone, and the waiters love to ignore it. A fried egg and wonton took a long time, but it was forgotten in the end.
  • MoonGuard
    Not bad
  • cutebb
    Clean & tidy. Good for business trip if you stay in Zhangjiang