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The grand opening of evergreen laurel hotel (Shanghai) Provide the most human services in Taiwan

Date: 2015-05-18

Evergreen international hotel group in the mainland's first hotel, Eva crown hotel (Shanghai), (18) officially opened operations, dividing the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand hotel in the morning of that day is simple and the opening reception, evergreen group vice President of second li-ching ko, bronson hsieh second vice President, vice President Mr Chang and Eva ming-zhe zhang, chairman of the international company special hosted the opening ceremony to Shanghai, and invite, standing vice President of arats advisor Chen yunlin, zheng lizhong, former vice President Li Bingcai,, chairman of the China institute of navigation zu-yuan xu, wen-hui li, director of the Taiwan work office in Shanghai, Shanghai pudong new area district party committee standing committee Chen Qingshan government participation and other leaders, guests gathered at the scene, joy and solemn atmosphere.
Evergreen laurel hotel (Shanghai) is located in the core area of pudong zhangjiang high-tech park, the hotel is to connect the hongqiao and pudong airport ahead of the no. 2 subway jinke road station, Shanghai new international expo center and the operation of Disneyland only 10 minutes by car, and hotel adjacent to the movie and department store shopping centre, not only convenient transportation and multiple advantages both business, travel, shopping, etc.

Bronson hsieh in evergreen group second vice President, said in a speech: evergreen group established Shanghai office in 1993, the first leg of the mainland as a career, Eva building was completed, 2008 Shanghai become the evergreen group's headquarters in China.Evergreen Marine has been set up in mainland China currently 19 points, Eva airways flight 32 waypoint, evergreen logistics also provide services in 17 major cities, Eva today international hotel group in the mainland's first hotel, the official opening, on behalf of evergreen group services in the mainland, by the sea and air transport, extends to the hotel project.