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The hotel six common law implementation steps.

Date: 2018-02-01

The hotel six often method content and supervision: organization inspection, the assessment for each step.

Often category 1.

Everything is divided into two kinds: one kind is no longer used, a class to use.

2. Often organize

Will no longer use the thing to get rid of;With something dropped to the lowest dosage and put orderly, do anyone know mark

A, according to using frequency layered custody

How did anyone remoable within 30 seconds and back on the required items.

Second, sign the combination of restaurant and hotel advantage

Three, channel, ground wire, items, put the division of regional line

Fourth, the application of different colors

Fifth, through united arrangement for return

3. Always clean

Often after cleaning is sorting, cleaning work to do, to ensure that all local spotless.

A, clean

The general procedure is clean clean, check and repair.

(a) clean type: daily cleaning and cleaning plan

Daily cleaning: clean call housekeeping to do every day, such as housekeeping every day you want to change the sheets, vacuum carpets, wipe the table, the sanitary equipment cleaning and disinfection, etc.

Plan cleaning: do not need every day to clean, if you can have it cleaned once weekly or monthly, such as Windows, air conditioning tuyere and so on, these weekly or monthly for a clean cleaning job call plan.

(2) check

Examination refers to the cleaner in self-examination, check after the clean is clean, check whether placed neatly, in place;Facilities whether normal operation.

(3) maintenance

If you have any problem, check to the facilities to carry out repairs.

Such as: housekeeping in clean room there was a telephone there was no voice, or desk lamp is not bright, repair service.

Second, clear the responsibility of the clea

The system of responsibility to the people, on the wall.Asked to clean content of each position assigned to individuals, and it will be put on the wall of the corresponding system.

Three, cleaning, check

To make the effect continues to maintain, managers must not checking and supervision for clean areas on a regular basis.Can make some inspection form, checks the published content.

4. Always maintain

Often refers to the maintenance of the front three "often" (often classification, sorting, often often clean) results for maintenance.Maintenance ", "three" often the best way is to do without classification of classification, without finishing the finishing, without clean clean.

5. Often the specification

All is to get the employee code of conduct.How should regulate the behavior of employees?

A, responsibility

The premise of regulating the behavior of employees, it is to do each employee a clear division of responsibilities, job specific.

Second, the procedura

Will hotel each post staff the specific work content of 8 hours a day, according to the work to go off work time should do more clear in sequence, make the staff to achieve the rules-based, work in accordance with established procedures.

Three, standardization

1, the staff should have standard: all actions on each employee job sequencing process, hotel for employees to do everything to make the corresponding specification.

2, all equipment operating instructions: all of the facilities to deserve to go up the corresponding instructions, such as central air conditioning, the meat grinder of the kitchen, disinfection cabinet, etc.

6. Often education

Often the meaning of education, is the education through criticism, make all staff "six often" habit.

A, standard of personal appearance

Second, standardize the service term of standards and training

Three, before coming off work five minutes a day six often implementation

Main contents:

1, check the work

2, items, and tidy home

3, health and clean wor

4, turn off the lights and air conditioning, etc

Four, you can do today until tomorrow: request every employee don't delay things, to form the good habit of "what you can do today until tomorrow".

Five, with statements and figures to speak: check staff and management personnel, must make detailed records on the corresponding report.