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Shanghai to speed up the construction of the world famous tourism city intensive land large project

Date: 2018-02-04

On January 31, the Shanghai municipal government held a press conference, vice mayor iwslt introduce Shanghai global influence the world famous tourist city of relevant information, the Shanghai tourism bureau chief xu late to attend the conference.

Conference, vice mayor of Shanghai iwslt introduction, in 2017, the implementation of Shanghai tourism revenue reached 448.5 billion yuan, up 15.7% from a year earlier.From 2013 to 2017, the Shanghai tourism revenue grew by an average of 7.1% a year, the added value of tourism industry of the city's GDP always stay at the levels of more than 6.2%.

Shanghai international tourism destination image basic set up around the world.Iwslt is introduced, the deputy mayor of Shanghai, the Shanghai top ten in all kinds of the top tourist city authority, has won the "world travel awards - 2017, Asia's leading festivals and events destination" (world travel awards organizing committee released), "the 2017 global cities index destination - China's most popular with foreign tourist city" (mastercard), etc.

By the end of 2017, in Shanghai with A total of four national eco-tourism demonstration area, A level scenic area, 101, 34 red tourism base, characteristic cultural museum about 120, 67 standard industrial tourist attractions, sports tourism and leisure base 13.A total of 229 star-rated hotels in Shanghai, more than 1600 travel agencies.Shanghai cruise passenger throughput of 3 million passengers, the no.1 international cruise home port in Asia, the world's fourth position.

"Shanghai city master plan (2017-2035)," clearly put forward that to build Shanghai into a world famous tourist city, a world-class tourist destination city, in 2035, the city's total annual incoming foreign passengers 14 million passengers.Strive to 2020, realize the tourism income of 500 billion yuan, to 9 million the number of inbound tourists, domestic tourism number 360 million visitors.

Shanghai municipal tourism bureau chief xu said while answering reporters' questions on the late, after the completion of Shanghai Disney in Shanghai radiation effect is very big, next project is lingang polar haichang Ocean Park, and is the commencement of ice and snow world project.In addition, building planetarium, Shanghai science and technology museum and Shanghai branch.

When it comes to the eco-tourism project, not late, said xu sheshan resort wide rich cultural relics park soon and meet you, Lin shimao pit in sheshan resort hotel is worth waiting for.In addition, chongming ecological island is part of the ecological tourism, chongming xisha pearl lake is itself a 5 a-class scenic area, at the same time around the global scenic area, the landscape construction of chongming island, promote tourism supply from landscapes and products to the environment and the service of the whole chain expansion, will form the convenience of tourists citizens interactive experience of the construction of the south island culture.

"Chongming island to build a roundabout landscape avenue, hope to turn it into the most beautiful village landscape road, can enhance the quality of the chongming island tourism as a whole.If built around the island road, to better facilitate everybody to have a rest, leisure, vacation."