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Shanghai construction of the world famous tourist city

Date: 2018-02-09

Recently, the Shanghai municipal government held a press conference, vice mayor iwslt introduces the construction of Shanghai global influence world famous tourist city of achievements.

Iwslt introduces, in recent years, the Shanghai tourism actively integrated into the urban construction general layout, tourism supply further enrich and optimization, the tourism industry scale continues to expand, gradually improve quality of benefit.In 2017, the city's tourism revenue reached 448.5 billion yuan, up 15.7% from a year earlier.From 2013 to 2017, the Shanghai tourism revenue grew by an average of 7.1% a year, the added value of tourism industry of the city's GDP always stay at the levels of more than 6.2%.

According to introducing, at present, Shanghai has been basically built "travel +" big industrial convergence development pattern.Leading group for the municipal government established the city tourism development, the city's various departments, various industries, the regional linkage development, mix, build up the tourism and culture fusion, business, sports and other "1 + 10 + N" in the development of tourist industry system.By the end of 2017, A total of four national eco-tourism demonstration zone, Shanghai a-level scenic area, 101, 34 red tourism base, characteristic cultural museum about 120, 67 standard industrial tourist attractions, sports tourism and leisure base 13.A total of 229 star-rated hotels in the city, more than 1600 travel agencies.Shanghai cruise passenger throughput of 3 million or so, the no.1 international cruise home port in Asia, the world's fourth position.Shanghai basic set up the internationalization of the global tourism destination image.In 2017, Shanghai inbound tourists received 8.7301 million person-time, 318 million trips in reception of domestic tourists.Especially welcome is Shanghai safety norms and orderly tourism environment has been basically formed.By the end of 2017, 55 tourism public service center, the city has been built 188 community service stations, more than 330 subway service point;Tourism distribution level 3 site network formation, the development of tourism routes more than 170;Specifications set tourism scenic area (spot) road traffic guide signs and parking guidance signs;Nearly three years of construction and reconstruction of 455 tourism toilet.In addition, the people's conciliation committee set up the first tourism disputes, improve the tourism disputes v. docking, cohesive mechanisms such as "12345" citizen hotline work.