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In Shanghai during expo 1700 - odd hotel will provide nearly 280000 rooms

Date: 2018-08-11

The first China international import expo has entered the countdown to less than 100 days, the Shanghai tourism administration attaches great importance to the hotel security work.The reporter learns from Shanghai municipal tourism bureau, the bureau has been established for import expo travel security group, is in command personally head, into the city during the expo Shanghai 1700 above three-star hotel (including three-star) will provide nearly 280000 rooms guarantee accommodation.

Micro century hotel to prepare into the expo

Recently, the reporter to follow relevant units randomly interviewed part of the hotel.Latest completion of wisdom micro century hotel Shanghai is located in Shanghai pudong new area, adjacent to the Disneyland, wildlife park, pudong international airport, the total business area of 58000 square meters, is a 760 theme rooms, business, vacation, parent-child family functions as one of the very large high-end hotels.Long Jin Wenxin told reporters, "at present the hotel's 760 rooms have been into the expo merchants booked.With high quality and good service, we will do our best to help the guests feel at home."Jin Wenxin said: "in the opening of the expo provides us with a very good chance to practice, training team allows us to high standards, further enhance the level of service."

Opened just half a year of micro century hotel is a collection of "business, vacation, home type" theme for the integration of high-end hotels, the interior decoration is full of sense of modern art design.The total business area of 58000 square meters, is currently Disney road, pudong international airport is the first choice for early exit from the guest check in.The hotel has 760 rooms of all kinds of delicate and elegant, comfortable luxury theme.More than one hundred meters long corridor connection of Europe type style each big area, on both sides of shopping and leisure.Western restaurant can accommodate 990 people at the same time, will provide each guest with Chinese and western, exquisite delicious gourmet food.Wisdom micro century hotel can undertake all kinds of type, the size of the meeting or activities, and provide proper housekeeper type service.Hotel superior hardware facilities and thoughtful service has been into the expo related institutions and the favour of the merchants, and orders.

Nowadays as the summer travel peak, the hotel around 4 a, 5 a grade scenic spot and ecological park play even, resort, parent-child swimming guests are in an endless stream.To deepen the travel services, hotels and attractions, planning tourist routes, provide attractions tickets discount.According to introducing, the quarter is the most respected way of play Bai Tianchang play in Disney, wildlife and other peripheral scenic spot, night into the shade pattern, zhoupu flowers near to feel bright light section and the water curtain movie dream create a visual feast.Vigil is in summer season play, spend less in the summer season, zhoupu flowers specially makes the flowers and light show.Nightfall, garden flower umbrella promenade, castle, grand piano, such as the animal model of materials are deck lights, during walking, roses and tulips and other flowers dim lights flicker, spectacular, dreamy and romantic.

Jin Wenxin says, in order to better service customers, the hotel restaurant staff with confidence for their cooking, within the restaurant can accommodate 990 people at the same time, the chef dishes, kitchen activities take in everything in a glance, will provide each guest with Chinese and western, elegant and delicious gourmet food;Considering the customers walk into the exposition is frequent, the hotel also bought a lot of bubble foot barrels, when they returned to the hotel, the barrel has been in the room, let a guest bubble foot comfortable;Guests if there are any damaged bumps, the hotel also ready for external use in common use,The hotel also has purchased more than China and Pakistan, bus from the airport shuttle guests...

Jin Wenxin said, not just into during the fair, in fact, we usually also to do the same level of service.

Shanghai municipal tourism administration officials said that travel into the exposition has set up a security group, to coordinate international import expo China lodging hospitality and tourism service work and so on, for all the hotels in the city to focus on the Chinese and foreign guests needs, provide the internationalization, specialization, personalized service.